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My name is Claire, from Singapore, and I am the owner of the blog.

I graduated with a finance degree and a MBA many years ago. While working in a big corporation, I was mostly contented to leave my monthly paycheck languishing in a low-yielding bank account.

It was only when I left the security of a monthly paycheck that I was forced to overcome my inhibitions about personal investment.

Along the way, I learned many lessons, about investment and about life.

There are many things I wish I knew about investing early on, perspectives I wish I had adopted earlier, and actions I wish I had taken.

However, I have come to realize it is never too late.

As long as we are prepared to be open minded, to be educated, to not be afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone, we will be growing as a person.

The process of discovering new knowledge, new perspectives and new experiences can be refreshing, rejuvenating and rewarding.

Some of the courses and certifications I had taken along the way include investment planning, technical analysis, options trading, real estate sales, risk management and insurance as well as retirement planning. Together with the many books I have read, I hope to distil some of my learnings in this blog and I hope this sharing will be useful to you.

Claire C.

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