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Our brain. We know it is the most important organ of our body, but for many people, so little of it is seemingly understood as to how it affects our thinking, particularly when it comes to investment. This is because investment, as I have come to learn, is often counter-intuitive. This has created many myths... Continue Reading →

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Overlooked secrets to compounding wealth at old age

Do you know that Warren Buffett made over 90% of his wealth after the age of 50? Warren Buffett started investing when he was 11 years old. When he reached 30, he became a millionaire. As he continued to build on his financial prowess, he became a billionaire in his 50s. In 2022, his net... Continue Reading →

Understand your risk profile

When asked to describe their risk profile, most people would probably describe themselves as risk-averse. After all, who likes to willingly lose money? When asked whether they are willing to take on risk in exchange for return, we are venturing into the question of risk appetite. A person with a very low appetite for risk... Continue Reading →

Participating in human progress

One of mankind’s greatest gifts is our ability to question the status quo, challenge, and change. It is how progress has been made for centuries, and how we have overcome the shortcomings present in its environment and evolved to our present-day form. A capitalist society, through the operation of an institution such as the stock... Continue Reading →

A game of Probabilities

While I used to think about investment outcome in certainty terms - is this investment going to make or lose money for me? - I have come to realize that it is more helpful to think about the range of investment outcomes in probabilistic term. The diagram above shows the growth of a $1 investment... Continue Reading →

Ladies — is investing gambling?

In one of the Singapore local banks’ reports in 2020, it was reported that women generally see investing as gambling. For a long time, despite my formal finance training, I used to fall under this category. Back in 2011, when my male ex-colleagues were taking advantage of the dip in the US stock market to increase their... Continue Reading →

Personal Net Worth Statement

Most of us have probably heard of the term balance sheet of a company, which gives a snapshot of the financial picture of a company at a point in time. It shows a summary of the assets (what it owes), liabilities (what it is owed) and shareholder equity (or net worth) at a specific date... Continue Reading →

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